Lupino is a gifted photographer who creates an intimate rapport with his subject and strips bare the subject to expose the strengths and weaknesses of his subjects. His portraits illuminate inner feelings – desire, strength, hedonism, insouciance, vulnerability, more often than not compounded by a state of emotional, and physical abandon. Natural lighting and a distaste for post-production are evident in his work.


Lupino’s iconic black and white vintage photography emanates from both commercial and non-commercial sources. Whether working for fashion magazines, commercial clients or in pursuit of his own particular vision, the subjects are haunting in the naked, often unsettling but brave and honest emotions he encourages his subjects to reveal.


During his time in New York in the late eighties, Lupino set up his own makeshift studio in night clubs such as The World where he took many portraits of the constant flow of fashionistas and night clubbers who came to the club in its heyday. Some of the frequent celebrity visitors to the clubs are captured here.


Lupino does a lot of work for charitable causes. Here is a selection of portraits done for charities he has supported over the years.