Stephan Lupino

Sculpture from Another World

Holding up a mirror to our lives, Lupino’s sculptures show us an alternative existence in a parallel universe.

Paintings | Apocalyptic World

Stephan Lupino’s view of a world in turmoil is visceral and powerful, stripping bare the veneer of our civilised routines and cultures to show a planet gyrating to an inevitable demise.

Photographer | Social Documentary

Stephan Lupino’s portrait photography is captivating and haunting at the same time. He manages to lay bare the fragile and naked emotions of his subjects.

Didactic, Thought-provoking

Lupino transforms cutlural icons, metaphors and everyday objects into powerful expressions around themes of power, corruption, good and evil.




Online Gallery


by Stephan Lupino

Lupinizam by Stephan Lupino represents a lifetime devoted to the artist’s neo-expressionist art, expressed in multiple media.

Lupino’s work is passionate and energetic, driven by both a desire to capture the nuances of humankind’s haphazard transient presence against the background of an indifferent

universe and a personal struggle to align his spiritual convictions, often framed via the iconography of conventional religious and cultural motifs.

Get to know Lupino’s work here and head over to the gallery site COMING SOON to check out how to invest in his portfolio.

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