TV Coverage of Lupino’s Statue Unveiling in Varazdin

Having acquired international fame with art photography, Ivan Lepen, the Varaždin artist, better known as Lupino, has been recognized as an author – sculpture for the last years. One of them, named “Flying Venus,” is now donated to his hometown.

In the author’s childhood street, a three-meter tall sculpture of  metal plates was sculpted and a new face was given to a much visited piece of town. Her sister has been in exhibitions already this summer in Vienna together with pieces by Chagalle, Picasso, Miro and others. Lupino’s pieces ahve been on display with those of these great artists for a month.

“And now I have made another version, a bit bigger, similar to be placed here in Varaždin”, reveals the author of the sculpture.

“Flying Venus” is inspired by my philosophy – “Lupinizam”, the author’s name for the inspiration that points to creativity.

“The focus is on the human body. Photography was not enough for me so I felt the need to express myself in other types of art. I first started working on paintings and moved to sculptures’, says Lupino, who has also exhibited his sculptures in the galleries of New York .

The inauguration of “Flying Venus” was oveseen by the mayor of Varaždin Ivan Čehok

“It was logical that Lupino would donate this to the city of Varaždin and that she be right here in Blažekova street where he grew up. So, it’s just an incentive for other artists to designate the city’s public spaces, that is, for art and sculptures. Of course, their idea and creation are free, and the city will take care of rolling out more, that is, installing more such artistic artefacts.

Artists thus have the opportunity, without public contest, to present their outdoor works and to revive the urban space.

Author: Paula Poljak – Morandini / VM
12. 12. 2017